Grease Trap Cleaning, Oregon, Man Working Photo - Oregon Oils, Inc.

If it’s time for a grease trap cleaning, the technicians at Oregon Oils, Inc. are a phone call away. By helping our clients maintain clean, environmentally friendly kitchens over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the largest pumping companies in our area. We work with businesses across Oregon and Western Washington. Our experienced team knows how to help kitchens, both large and small, function at an effective level.

Importance of Cleaning Your Grease Trap

A routine grease trap cleaning and or Interceptor cleaning is essential to keep “FOG” (fats, oils, and grease) levels in line with city regulations. It also ensures a healthy, clean work environment for your employees and an odor-free restaurant or place of business for your customers and clients.

Our Process

At Oregon Oils, Inc., our technicians will remove all waste material and scrape the sides of the interior of the trap to eliminate buildup. In addition, we’ll perform a close inspection to ensure everything in your grease trap is in proper working order. If you are experiencing difficulties and need emergency assistance, don’t hesitate to call for help. We’ll gladly send a technician who can aid in the cleanup process.

Pumpers registered with the Preferred Pumper Program certify that they will follow pump-out regulations. Commercial and institutional FOG-generators in the region are encouraged to use a preferred pumper. Owners of grease traps/interceptors using a registered preferred pumper know that grease trap/interceptor pump-outs should be completed correctly in accordance with industry standards. When FOG-generators use a registered preferred pumper, the pumper assumes responsibility for submitting completed Pump-Out Reports. Regulatory inspections will focus on pumpers’ performance in maintaining traps/interceptors.

At Oregon Oils, Inc., we provide prompt, professional grease maintenance for restaurateurs and professionals throughout the region. We’ll ensure that you’re in compliance with all health and safety regulations and perform the grease trap maintenance work you need to operate a clean, sustainable business. Call us to schedule an appointment today!