Oregon Oils, Inc., located in Portland, offers free collection service and maintenance for Oregon and Western Washington. As a leading oil recycling company, it is our goal to provide our customers with the best collection program available. We provide all clients with a used oil receptacle that suits their establishments’ needs based on the frequency of fryer change outs and dumping schedule. We will work with you to create a collection plan that’s best suited for your business.

Used Oil Collection

Each customer is routed based on the size of the container and the frequency of oil changes. This ensures that your used cooking oil is picked up on time so that an overflow does not occur. Our technician uses a vacuum hose to suck out the used cooking oil from the receptacle. Our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks help keep your area clean while collecting your oil and eliminating any dripping or spilling.


Regular maintenance will help your business comply with health code standards and eliminate rodents and insects from around your receptacle. It also provides incentives to keep you from trying to pour the grease down your sink drains, or throwing large quantities of oil in the trash. That method of disposal can ruin the receptacles, lead to oil falling onto the floor, or cause damage to dumpsters and garbage trucks.

Recording and Monitoring

Each collection vehicle is equipped with a meter. The meter records the gallons collected from the provided container. The number of gallons is recorded by the technician on site and sent to our office for tracking. Once the oil is collected, it is brought back to our facility for distillation, and then the production process of turning cooking oil into biodiesel fuel takes place. All oil is collected with a state-of-the-art vacuum based collection vehicle. Our recording and monitoring processes also help in determining an accurate rebate for the waste provided to us by our clients.


We provide qualified customers with a rebate for their cooking oil waste. Portland clients and those in surrounding areas can always expect us to write a check each quarter for the total amount of gallons that were collected at their location during that period. Rebate pricing is determined by the amount of used cooking oil that has been disposed by the establishment and the frequency of fryer change outs.

Oil Receptacle Sizes

We have receptacles for all kitchen sizes and oil uses. After our initial analysis, we will determine the correct receptacle size for your kitchen. We offer the following:

(Oil Drum)
Height: 35”
Diameter: 22”
Gallons: 55

Photo of Oil Drum, Grease Trap Cleaning, Portland OR - Oregon Oils, Inc.

Top: 60”W x 33”D
Base: 53”W x 22”D
Height: 36”
Gallons: 208

Photo of Medium Container, Cooking Oil Into Biodiesel, Portland OR - Oregon Oils, Inc.

Top: 33”W x 33”D
Base: 26.5”W x 22”D
Height: 36”
Gallons: 106

Photo of Small Container, Grease Interceptor Cleaning, Portland OR - Oregon Oils, Inc.

Top: 60”W x 43”D
Base: 53”W x 32”D
Height: 36”
Capacity: 294

Photo of Large Container of Cooking Oil Waste, Portland OR - Oregon Oils, Inc.

At Oregon Oils, Inc., we make recycling and maintenance of used cooking oil an easy process. Contact us to instantly make your business greener. Explore our FAQ page if you have more questions.