If you are a food service provider, you’re probably aware of the challenges involved with used oil disposal. In the Portland, Oregon metro area and across western Washington, Oregon Oils can offer a solution. We partner with restaurants, schools, arenas, event venues, and other businesses to recycle used cooking oil and convert it into renewable, clean-burning biodiesel.


From Collection to Conversion

Every year, restaurants produce millions of gallons of used cooking oil. Oregon Oils meets the challenges of proper disposal by collecting it from businesses for the production of our biodiesel. Our collection-to-conversion process involves these four steps:

  • 1 Store: When you enroll in our oil collection program, we’ll supply you with a clean, secure receptacle to store your used cooking oil in.
  • 2 Schedule: We’ll help build a collection schedule that is convenient for you and appropriate for your waste oil output.
  • 3 Collect: Our collection technicians use a vacuum hose to empty used oil out of your receptacle and into our state-of-the-art trucks. The trucks record the amount of oil collected at each stop so we can keep track of how much you contribute.
  • 4 Transport: Our trucks then transport used cooking oil to our conversion facilities, where it is recycled into biodiesel, an eco-friendly form of alternative fuel.

Oregon Oils’ collection process is easy, simple, reliable, and it comes at no extra cost to you. What’s more, you’ll even earn a quarterly check to reimburse you for the oil we’ve collected during that period.

Oregon Oils, Inc.


Once we’ve collected your used cooking oil, we convert it into biodiesel. The conversion procedure uses a chemical process called transesterification. It begins when we treat the collected oil, scientifically called an ester, with alcohol. We also add a strong alkaline catalyst to kick-start a chemical reaction between the ester and alcohol. The reaction yields two new products: glycerin and methyl ester. The glycerin is filtered out and used for other purposes, leaving behind pure methyl ester, or biodiesel.


When your restaurant or food service utilizes our recycling services, you also help local communities reduce waste. If not disposed of properly, used cooking oil threatens the environment and clogs local sewers, causing backups and sewage floods, destroying natural habitats, and contaminating water supplies. It also means damaged kitchen equipment and costly repairs – not to mention fines.

At Oregon Oils, we help business owners avoid these problems by taking their used cooking oil off of their hands – for free. But recycling used oil doesn’t only reduce waste and save money. We used the oil to make biodiesel, a safe, clean-burning fuel with a wide array of benefits compared to petroleum, such as the following:

  • Burns cleanly
  • Healthier for the environment
  • Less toxic to workers
  • Higher performing
  • Less expensive
  • Compatible with pre-existing diesel engines


Start recycling your used cooking oil and supporting the production of clean biodiesel today with Oregon Oils. We serve the Portland area and businesses throughout Oregon and Washington with used cooking oil collection and recycling, grease trap cleaning services, and the production of biodiesel. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact us at 503-233-0818.

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