Oregon Oils partners with restaurants, schools, sports arenas and other businesses to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is manufactured from used cooking oils, grease and animal fats to create a renewable, clean-burning replacement for diesel fuel. We offer an eco-friendly conversion process that benefits us, our partnering businesses and the environment.

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How Cooking Oil Conversion Works

Restaurants create millions of gallons of used cooking oil every year. Oregon Oils collects used oil from participating businesses for our cooking oil conversion program. We treat collected oil with alcohol, using a strong alkaline catalyst, which converts it into biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel, also called biofuel, can be used as a replacement fuel in any compression-ignition engine that typically runs on diesel made from petroleum.

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How Oil Collection Works

When you participate in our program, we set you up with a clean receptacle to dump your used frying oil into. We then schedule a collection time convenient for you and your business with a pickup frequency that matches your waste oil output. Our expert technicians use a vacuum hose to empty the used oil from your receptacle into our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks, which record the amount of oil collected. At the end of each quarter, we send you a check for the total quantity of oil we received.

Why You Should Participate

When you enroll in our FREE, environmentally friendly oil recycling service, you help us reduce waste by converting used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel while earning extra money for your business. Turning used frying oil into biodiesel fuel instead of disposing of it in the traditional way also has many other benefits. Topping the list are the environmental benefits. Biofuel is biodegradable, keeps fuel systems clean, results in fewer emissions and is cheaper than traditional diesel fuel.

Is Your Company Eligible?

Oregon Oils provides service in select cities in Oregon and western Washington to any company with a kitchen that uses cooking oil in a fryer or similar purpose. In addition to cooking oil from fryers, we also recycle other types of fats, oils and greases (FOGs), but we do NOT accept motor or appliance oil. Our clients include small mom-and-pop restaurants, mid-size fast food restaurants, large sports arenas and everything in between.

Contact us at 503-233-0818503-233-0818 to learn more about our biodiesel conversion program and start earning money for your used cooking oil today.

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