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How Biodiesel Helps Your Business

Biodiesel is growing more and more popular by the day, and with good reason. This environmentally friendly, renewable substance turns waste products into valuable fuel …

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Biodiesel Fuel Helps Create A Green Earth

Long-Term Benefits of Biodiesel Use

Biodiesel is an incredible, renewable fuel source that is composed of plant and animal byproducts. Oregon Oils, Inc. partners with restaurants, schools, sporting arenas, and …

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grease trap sign on textured metal background

Signs Of Unmaintained Grease Interceptors And Traps

As a business owner, maintaining your grease trap or grease interceptor and performing appropriate grease trap repair is your responsibility. Neglecting maintenance can result in …

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chef pouring cooking oil into a frying pan on the stove

Recycling Used Cooking Oil In Oregon And Western Washington

Used cooking oil disposal is a concern for any business that prepares and serves food. Fast food restaurants, schools, stadium concession stands, and other establishments …

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golden french fries cooking in oil

The Truth Behind Used Cooking Oil Health Hazards

It’s hard to resist the perfectly crisp, deliciously savory call of a heap of expertly cooked chicken wings or French fries, but the truth behind …

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Yellow oil splash

FOG Facts: A Closer Look At Fats, Oils, And Grease

Fats, oils, and grease of animal or vegetable origin are collectively known as FOG. Commercial establishments that use fats, oils, and grease have a responsibility …

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