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You take the time and effort to recycle your fats, oils and grease (FOG). To satisfy municipal standards and regulations, you also need to have the appropriate brand and size for your grease interceptor. Oregon Oils, Inc., may already be your choice for fast and effective grease interceptor cleaning and grease interceptor sizing. We know how to get your system up to spec for health department inspections and can answer your questions on the process.

Grease Interceptor Sizing

Passive grease traps store fat, oil and grease as well as food solids until you pump out them out. It takes time (detention time) for the trap to separate and settle the FOG out of the wastewater. The grease interceptor has to be the appropriate size for this process to work properly. For example, an oversized interceptor generates longer periods between pump-outs, but this just causes rotting grease to damage the grease interceptor, causing extra maintenance and other issues.

Grease interceptor sizing involves complex calculations that go hand-in-hand with your pumping and cleaning schedules. The experts at Oregon Oils Inc. make this process hassle-free for our clients.


Oregon Oils can ensure you have the right type of grease trap and interceptor, such as:

  • Small passive hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGI) are called grease traps and sit beneath the kitchen sink or inside the floor. Grease is passively trapped and must be pumped frequently.
  • Gravity grease interceptors (GGI)  are made of steel, concrete, fiberglass or plastic but aren’t certified for any efficiency standard. Gravity grease interceptors have to be pumped every three months and have costly maintenance requirements.
  • Automatic grease/oil recovery systems are alternatives to hydromechanical grease interceptors.  Their tanks passively intercept grease and isolate it in a container. The upfront cost of these units is higher, but maintenance is easier.

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If you’re thinking about replacing your passive grease trap or grease interceptor due to an increase in your business volume, let the specialists at Oregon Oils, Inc., guide you along the way. Call 503-233-0818 for an assessment of your grease interceptor sizing or grease trap maintenance today. Let us help you operate a clean, efficient business.

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