Beaker Filled With Biodiesel

Biodiesel is growing more and more popular by the day, and with good reason. This environmentally friendly, renewable substance turns waste products into valuable fuel with many benefits for the environment, the economy, and vehicle operators. And as biodiesel becomes more readily available in communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the country, business owners are taking advantage of these benefits as well. If you’re wondering why more businesses use biodiesel, Oregon Oils, Inc. explains just a few of the top reasons here on our blog.

Keep Your Current Equipment

Biodiesel can be used in any diesel-powered vehicle or machinery, although some much older vehicles produced before 1993 may require an upgrade from rubber fuel lines. For the most part, however, switching to a biodiesel blend or pure biodiesel won’t require any changes in the way you do business today, from the equipment you use to the way you store fuel onsite.

Biodiesel Is Better For Engines

Over time, diesel engines experience wear from hardworking parts that move together. When you make the switch to biodiesel, however, you’ll soon see that your engines last longer with less damage. That’s due to the superior lubricity of biodiesel, which cuts down on friction during engine use. At the same time, biodiesel delivers similar performance in horsepower, torque, and miles per gallon, making it a wise choice all around.

A Safer Alternative When Accidents Happen

Fuel spills create dangers for your workers, but biodiesel can help reduce these risks for a safer workplace. Biodiesel is less combustible than petroleum-based fuels, lowering the chance for fires and explosions after a spill. Similarly, lower emission levels promote a healthier, safer environment for your employees and customers alike.

Building a Positive Reputation

When you partake in the biodiesel industry, either by recycling used cooking oil or using eco-friendly fuel, you demonstrate your business’ commitment to environmental responsibility. Not only will your positive reputation attract customers and partners who strive to make greener choices, but you and your team can feel proud of your efforts to promote a healthier community with cleaner air and water.

Biodiesel Fuels Stronger Local Economies

Just like many growing industries, the production of biodiesel creates a wealth of economic benefits for communities and the businesses within them. Biodiesel producers contribute to a healthy tax base, lowering the taxation burden for fellow businesses and individuals alike. These organizations also create jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, providing good wages and increased economic opportunity. That means more dollars flowing through the community – and into your pocket.

Biodiesel Keeps Cooking Waste Out of Sewers – and Your Pipes

Even if you don’t use biodiesel in your line of work, its production can have important benefits for your business. Primary among them is that recycling used cooking oil for the manufacture of biodiesel keeps fats, oil, and grease (FOG) out of your pipes and local sewer systems. This helps prevent costly clogs and damage to your facility, as well as blockages for municipal pipes that can cause flooding and unsanitary backups. Plus, you may be able to sell that used cooking oil, turning waste into profit with minimal effort.

Why Use Biodiesel? Learn More Today

From individuals to businesses and municipalities, biodiesel offers a host of benefits that can’t be ignored. If you’re interested in selling used cooking oil or our grease maintenance services, contact Oregon Oils, Inc. today. We’ll work with you to ensure your bothersome kitchen waste becomes clean, efficient biofuel. To learn more, contact us online or call 503-233-0818 today.

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