Call our office and we will update your frequency in our system. Our software program will alert us to schedule a cleaning each time your grease trap or grease interceptor is due for service. Oregon Oils, Inc. is a proud member of the Preferred Pumper Program. We will keep track of your grease trap frequency and send the proper pump-out reports to the city inspectors so that your establishment remains in compliance with FOG regulations.

Pumpers registered with the Preferred Pumper Program certify that they will follow pump-out criteria. Commercial FOG-generators in the region are encouraged to use a preferred pumper. Owners of grease traps or interceptors using a registered preferred pumper know that the system’s pump-outs should be completed correctly in accordance with industry standards. When FOG-generators use a registered preferred pumper, the pumper assumes responsibility for submitting completed pump-out reports. Regulatory inspections will focus on pumpers’ performance in maintaining traps and interceptors.

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