Biodiesel Fuel Helps Create A Green EarthBiodiesel is an incredible, renewable fuel source that is composed of plant and animal byproducts. Oregon Oils, Inc. partners with restaurants, schools, sporting arenas, and other businesses to convert their used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel. If you’re interested in learning more about what biodiesel can do for the planet, check out this guide to biodiesel benefits.

Improved Safety

Biodiesel fuel is less combustible than petroleum, which makes it safer to handle, transport, and store. And when biodiesel fuel is locally sourced it has less distance to travel, making accidental spills less likely.

Better Energy Balance

According to the US Department of Energy, in 2018 the United States imported 11% of its petroleum, and transportation was responsible for almost three-quarters of petroleum consumption in the country. When we rely on foreign oil to fuel our vehicles and appliances, we open ourselves up to the risk of trade deficits, price increases, and supply disruption. Using local resources to cultivate renewable energy mitigates many of these risks and burdens.

Improved Air Quality and Fewer Greenhouse Gases

When using biodiesel, there are fewer particulate and sulfate emissions, which is good for air quality and the prevention of acid rain. Biodiesel fuel also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the carbon dioxide released during biodiesel combustion with the carbon dioxide absorption that comes with growing the soybeans and other plant life that supplies the fuel. It’s a wonderful cycle that helps keep too much carbon dioxide out of the air so we can all breathe easier.

Increased Economic Vitality

Because biodiesel can be produced from local resources, it opens up a number of economically beneficial opportunities:

  • Improved tax base from the production of biodiesel
  • Additional income for the producers of the biodiesel resources (restaurants, stadiums, schools, etc.)
  • Resource collection jobs are created
  • Skilled, biodiesel production positions are created

If the local biodiesel model is used, the money and jobs produced from biodiesel are kept within the community, allowing for local, economic growth.

Less Environmental Impact

Biodiesel, when spilled in bodies of water, is less toxic to many fish than petroleum. It is also far more biodegradable than petroleum. Because biodiesel can be made from so many different kinds of resources, it also helps the planet long-term by recycling byproducts of animals and plants that would have otherwise been wasted.

Easy to Use

Biodiesel can be used as a replacement fuel in any compression-ignition engine or equipment that typically runs on diesel made from petroleum. It can be stored, used, and burned the same way petroleum fuel can, and it can be used as a blend with petroleum fuels.

Let Us Take Care of Your Cooking Oil

If you’re a restaurant looking for a green way to dispose of your cooking oil, Oregon Oils, Inc. supplies you with a clean receptacle to easily dump your used cooking oil into. We then schedule a collection time that works for you and your business, and we make sure we come at the frequency that matches your oil output.

We use state-of-the-art vacuum trucks that record the amount of oil we collect from your business. At the end of the quarter, we cut you a check for the total quantity of oil we received. It’s a simple process that is designed to seamlessly integrate with your business needs.

We want to help you dispose of your cooking oil in an easy, environmentally friendly way. The planet will thank you for converting your used cooking oil into usable, biodiesel fuel. Contact us today to schedule your first pickup.

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