Call our office and we will send a technician to evaluate the cause of the overflow and perform a pump out if necessary. Overflows usually occur due to clogged ingoing or outgoing pipes. Your pump-out frequency may need to be increased based on your FOG levels. Here are some tips to help eliminate FOG accumulation and other grease trap problems:

  1. Set up a regular cleaning frequency with Oregon Oils, Inc. We are members of the Preferred Pumper Program (PPP). This means we are certified by the city to clean and maintain grease traps and interceptors while preventing future problems.
  2. Clean your dishes thoroughly, and don’t sweep food down your drains. The less food that goes down your drain, the longer it will take your grease trap to fill up, which will help save you money.
  3. Keep all non-food material from going down your drains. This material will cause your grease trap to back up or even overflow. Such materials include but are not limited to eating utensils, rubber gloves, glass, straws, and other types of kitchen and restaurant debris.
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