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Signs Of Unmaintained Grease Interceptors And Traps

By- Oregon Oils, Inc.

As a business owner, maintaining your grease trap or grease interceptor and performing appropriate grease trap repair is your responsibility. Neglecting maintenance can result in some costly challenges and fines. Oregon Oils, Inc. of Portland, Oregon, can pump and clean your grease trap and identify minor repair issues before they become costly problems. We’re the trusted choice for grease trap cleaning and used oil recycling. Difference Between Grease Interceptors And Grease Traps Most commercial kitchens require a grease trap or grease

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Recycling Used Cooking Oil In Oregon And Western Washington

By- Oregon Oils, Inc.

Used cooking oil disposal is a concern for any business that prepares and serves food. Fast food restaurants, schools, stadium concession stands, and other establishments with a commercial kitchen produce lots of used oil every day. Local and state regulations prohibit businesses from dumping this oil down the drain and have strict requirements for disposal. One convenient way to get rid of used cooking oil is to schedule a pickup by Oregon Oils, Inc., so it can recycle it into biodiesel fuel.

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