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What kind of oil do you recycle?

In addition to cooking oil from fryers, we also recycle other types of cooking oils, greases, and fats. (Example: bacon grease, beef tallow, peanut oil, …

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What is FOG?

FOG is an acronym for fats, oils, and grease. Your grease trap collects FOG, as well as food solids, so it can’t enter city sewer …

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What is the difference between a grease trap and an oil container?

A grease trap is located indoors under your sink or outside in the ground. It is plumbed into your restaurant and collects FOG so it …

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How do I change my grease trap frequency?

Call our office and we will update your frequency in our system. Our software program will alert us to schedule a cleaning each time your …

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There is oil on the ground around my container. I think it overflowed! What do I do?

Call our office and we will make sure the size of the container is still suitable for your cooking oil output. We can bring you …

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My grease trap is overflowing. What do I do?

Call our office and we will send a technician to evaluate the cause of the overflow and perform a pump out if necessary. Overflows usually …

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My grease trap has a smell coming from it. What do I do?

A grease trap is naturally smelly, and the smell can seep through the lid of your trap or exit through your sink drains. You may …

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