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The Truth Behind Used Cooking Oil Health Hazards

By- Oregon Oils, Inc.

It’s hard to resist the perfectly crisp, deliciously savory call of a heap of expertly cooked chicken wings or French fries, but the truth behind what happens to most used cooking oil is not nearly as appealing. When eateries face gallons upon gallons of used cooking oil, health hazards abound. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we strive to educate clients on why used cooking oil is problematic and how their business can benefit from prompt, safe disposal. Risks Of Long-Term Exposure

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FOG Facts: A Closer Look At Fats, Oils, And Grease

By- Oregon Oils, Inc.

Fats, oils, and grease of animal or vegetable origin are collectively known as FOG. Commercial establishments that use fats, oils, and grease have a responsibility to dispose of used FOG, or they face serious health code violations and other consequences outlined by city and state regulations. Oregon Oils, Inc., of Portland, Oregon, serves all businesses that use fats, oils, and grease and ensures your FOG levels are within current regulations. What Is FOG? Residual fats, oils, and grease are by-products of

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