It is well-known that biodiesel is used as a substitute for diesel fuel, but that’s not its only use. Several novel ways the product is being used across the globe are listed below.

  • Adding lubricity to ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel

A certain level of lubricity is essential to save several machine components from wear and failure. Since biodiesel naturally has less than 15 parts per million sulfur concentration, adding small amounts (1-2 percent) of biodiesel can help restore the lubricity of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels.

  • Using for cooking and illumination

It is possible to use biodiesel instead of kerosene in some non-wick stoves and lanterns, so it can be used for cooking and illumination while camping or at home. Clogging can be problem, however, so be extra careful if you choose to use biodiesel in your lamp or stove.

  • Cleaning up oil spills

Biodiesel is commonly used to clean up oil spills. This is especially common in shorelines contaminated with crude oil. Biodiesel has been proven to increase the recovery rate of such oil from artificial sand columns. It has even been used in commercial bio-solvents that are being used to coagulate crude oil at several shorelines.

  • Cleaning tools and grease

The product also is effective in cleaning tools and grease. B100 is so good a solvent that it can clean dirty or greasy engines, bike chains and other machine parts. To test this, fill a bucket with 100 percent biodiesel and drop a greasy machine part into the bucket. You’ll be surprised how quickly the grease is washed away.

  • Producing green fuels

There are micro-creators that can turn biodiesel into a hydrogen stream for use in an adjoining fuel cell. This is invaluable in fulfilling green-energy efforts because the fuel created from this process can be used to power cell-fueled cars and generate electricity for home and office use.

  • Recycling cooking oil

Finally, biodiesel is an effective way of dealing with cooking oil wastage. Instead of throwing away used cooking oil, the oil can be converted into biodiesel that can then be sold to consumers for use in the applications listed above.

There are many other applications of biodiesel. Contact the Oregon Oils team to learn about its other uses and how you can get involved.

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