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A grease interceptor helps protect your pipes and your town’s municipal wastewater system. Although grease may be in liquid form when you put it down the drain, it solidifies rapidly and can block the pipes in your residence or business and create blockage issues in public wastewater systems. Protect your own pipes and prevent larger issues when you partner with Oregon Oils Incorporated to maintain the grease trap at your home or business.

What Does A Grease Interceptor Do?

Grease interceptors and grease traps work similarly and are only differentiated by the amount of wastewater they can process per minute. Generally, grease traps are a better solution for lower-flow wastewater while grease interceptors can handle a larger amount.

In both solutions, a tank is installed within a building’s plumbing structures and holds all products that flow through the pipes other than light liquids like water. This build up that’s collected is commonly called by its acronym — FOG — which stands for fat, oil and grease. While foods in the grease interceptor sink to the bottom of the tank, the FOG rises to the top and can be removed before it can enter the wastewater system.

How Does Oregon Oils Maintain Grease Interceptors?

When you choose us as your partner to maintain your grease interceptor, we’ll set up a regular schedule of service based on the output your home or business experiences. Besides scooping out all of the FOG that has built up since your last service appointment, we’ll also thoroughly clean the grease interceptor at each visit so you don’t experience foul odors.

All of the oils we collect are recycled into biofuel, which means your grease interceptor plays an important role in helping Oregon be an earth-friendly state. We also provide any reporting you need to maintain regulatory compliance for the FOG that passes through your plumbing and into the municipal wastewater system.

Protect Your Pipes And Positively Impact The Environment

Prevent any damage to your own pipes due to the build up of grease or grease overflowing from your grease interceptor, plus positively impact the environment at the same time when your grease transforms into biofuel. Contact Oregon Oils today at 503-233-0818 to schedule your service visit and begin a regular maintenance routine in the Portland area.

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