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Pumping more oil from the ground isn’t always the best choice for the environment or for your bottom line. Finding renewable and reusable resources is a way to protect the environment while providing sorely needed energy. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we convert used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel in an eco-friendly process that helps your company save and even earn money while doing something great for the environment.

Collection Of Used Cooking Oils

If your restaurant uses cooking oil — especially if you have a fryer — you’re stuck with a lot of oil to dispose of every month. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we take care of that for you. We provide you a collection receptacle and pick it up from you at a time convenient to you, emptying it with a vacuum hose. We measure the oil we pick up and send you a rebate every quarter based on the amount of oil. Through all this, you never experience drips or spills, and we don’t interrupt your business operations.

Cooking Oil Conversion To Biodiesel

If you feel it’s important to reduce auto emissions, biodiesel is an excellent choice. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we convert used cooking oil to biodiesel that can be used as fuel for most standard diesel engines. Have your used cooking oil converted rather than disposing of it the traditional way to create a fuel that keeps systems running clean, biodegrades, and results in reduced carbon emissions, all while earning money.

Getting Your Company Involved

Whether you’re a small diner, a fast food restaurant cranking out French fries, or even a stadium with plenty of concession stands, we’re ready to help you to go green and earn some money in the process. Enrolling in our free oil recycling service helps you reduce your company waste. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we help you help the environment by picking up your used cooking oil, and we put cash in your hand at the same time.

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If you want to earn money while protecting the environment, Oregon Oils, Inc. is ready to help you by converting your used cooking oil into eco-friendly biodiesel. Call Oregon Oils, Inc. today at 503-233-0818 to learn how you can benefit from signing up for their free service.

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