The purpose of a catch basin is to prevent items such as trash and other floatable materials from entering the drainage system and the waterways it empties into. This is accomplished through routine cleaning and catch basin maintenance. Oregon Oils offers clients across the Portland, Oregon, metro area and Sothern Washington catch basin services to help keep their drainage systems flowing smoothly.

What Is a Catch Basin?

Water flowing into a catch basin

Also referred to as a storm drain, a catch basin is a key component in the effectiveness of your property’s drainage system. Catch basins typically begin with a gated hood, which prevents large items from being carried by water into the drainage system. In the event of a storm or major flooding, the catch basin is responsible for directing excess water runoff into the city’s drainage or sewage system. Catch basins also prevent trash, sticks and other debris from entering the system and causing blockages.

Benefits of Routinely Cleaning Your Catch Basin

In order to sustain proper drainage, catch basins must be cleaned regularly to remove debris and sediment in the sump areas. A catch basin that’s full of debris and sediment can block the entrance to the sewer and drainage system and can cause costly damage to your property. Proper catch basin cleaning and maintenance helps prevent the following:
  • Flooding: When a catch basin is free of debris and sediment, it allows water to flow freely. This helps prevent flooding on your property.
  • Property damage: Ensuring proper drainage is part of preparing for severe weather. If flooding does occur, it may cause damage to your property that could result in costly repairs.
  • Unpleasant odors: If the drainage system isn’t working correctly, you may notice foul odors originating from your property. To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, it’s important for businesses to make sure catch basins are cleaned regularly.
  • Code requirements: Proper maintenance and cleaning can help keep catch basins compliant with city, state, and federal code requirements.

Our Catch Basin Maintenance Services

When it comes to your business’s drainage system, you should only trust licensed and experienced professionals. Since 1992, Oregon Oils has been providing businesses with fast and effective catch basin cleaning services. Our team will arrive on site in a timely manner, quickly diagnose the problem and work diligently to resolve the issue, allowing your business operation to run smoothly again. Our equipment allows us to clean your catch basin quickly and effectively. We recommend your catch basin be cleaned at least once a year. If your business is in an area that receives above-average debris accumulation, Oregon Oils can clean your catch basin more frequently. When a catch basin is not routinely cleaned, sediments and debris can build up, causing a blockage that can severely hinder your drainage system’s ability to function properly.

Learn More Today

At Oregon Oils, we provide customers in Portland, OR, and Southern WA with catch basin maintenance services to ensure their system remains free and clear for water runoff to flow through. We will diligently evaluate, clean and perform any preventative maintenance that may be needed. To learn more, please contact us today.
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