Man Fitting Piping Into The GroundA grease interceptor captures solid waste and most grease before these contaminants enter your waste water disposal system. It’s important for maintaining compliance with local regulations as well as maintaining the way your plumbing functions. The professionals at Oregon Oils, Inc., serve the Portland area’s grease interceptor installation needs. We also maintain the units to keep your waste water disposal system functioning properly.

Grease Interceptor Installation

At Oregon Oils, Inc., we collect used cooking oil for the purpose of recycling it into biodiesel fuel. Having a grease interceptor installed and properly functioning is vital to the oil collection process because it keeps food and grease out of the waste water system.

If you don’t currently have a grease interceptor installed, or yours isn’t functioning properly, we’re here to help. Our team provides professional installation of these units, so you gain the assurance of knowing the trap has been properly installed.

Grease Interceptor Maintenance

We provide emergency services if your catch basin becomes clogged, and we also offer routine maintenance services to keep waste water flowing properly. Our equipment is designed to clean out these grease traps. This keeps trash and debris from clogging pipes, and it prevents the unwanted odors that decaying bio-matter can create.

Our Used Oil Recycling Service

The used oil recycling service from Oregon Oils, Inc., provides a way for your business to do something good for the environment while making a bit of money for your company.

  • We buy used oil and then recycle it into biodiesel fuel.
  • Our process includes filtering out contaminants to ensure it burns clean, creating fewer emissions.
  • The biodiesel fuel is then sold to companies in numerous industries, which helps the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels that omit higher levels of unwanted emissions.

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We invite you to call us at 503-233-0818503-233-0818 during regular business hours to learn more about our eco-friendly services and how we can save you money. You’re also welcome to visit our Portland, OR office at 2515 NW 28th Avenue to discuss your grease interceptor, oil collection and maintenance needs.

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