Deep Fryers with Oil

If you own or manage a bakery, brewpub, coffee shop, commercial kitchen, grocery store, market, hotel, restaurant or any other food and beverage service establishment that uses fats, oils and grease (FOG) as part of your business process, you need a dependable service to clean and maintain your grease interceptor. Besides representing a significant environmental liability, improperly maintained grease interceptors can lead to unpleasant smells and unsightly backflow or overflow conditions.

Why You Need Grease Interceptor Maintenance

Blocked grease interceptors not only create foul odors, but they can cause severe damage to your food service establishment. The purpose of your grease trap is to catch FOG materials, so they don’t flow into the water system. However, if the trap gets too full, the FOG can travel into the main sewer pipes. Along with causing damage to your pipes, clogged or dirty grease interceptors can result in city fines and even facility shutdowns due to health code violations.

Reliable Grease Interceptor Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

At Oregon Oils, Inc., our skilled technicians will properly clean your grease interceptor by getting rid of all FOG materials. The brown grease removed during this process will be turned into clean-burning biodiesel using Oregon Oils, Inc.’s eco-friendly conversion process. After eliminating waste materials from your grease interceptor, our team of technicians will thoroughly pressure-wash the interior of the trap to eliminate any buildup.

Before we head on our way, we’ll measure your FOG levels and forward the report to your local municipality to help you remain compliant with reporting requirements. These records are also kept on file for future reference.

Schedule Your Grease Trap Maintenance

Whether you need a one-time appointment or routine grease interceptor cleanings, the professional staff at Oregon Oils, Inc. is ready to get to work for you. As a member of the Preferred Pumper Program, we’re certified by the City of Portland, Oregon to conduct grease trap cleanings and perform other services related to cooking oil recovery. Contact us today to schedule grease interceptor maintenance.

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