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Oregon Oils, Inc. provides our free oil recycling and grease trap cleaning service to businesses in many Oregon cities such as Gresham and Salem. We work with restaurants, retirement homes, schools, sports arenas, and other companies interested in our eco-friendly services.

Oil Recycling

Our oil recycling program collects your company’s used frying oil to convert it into biofuel. This eco-friendly process helps the environment while earning your business money! Our technicians collect your used oil using state-of-the-art vacuum trucks, which record how much oil was obtained. At the end of each quarter, you’ll receive a check in exchange for the oil.

Grease Trap and Interceptor Cleaning

We offer grease trap and grease interceptor cleaning services customized to your needs. From one-time appointments to routine cleanings, our technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect grease traps and interceptors of all sizes. We also measure and report FOG (fats, oils and grease) levels in your interceptors to help you maintain compliance with your city’s regulations.

Catch Basin Services

Our routine cleaning and maintenance services can prevent expensive problems with your catch basin from occurring down the road. Our technicians clean sediment, trash, and other buildup from even the most difficult to reach catch basins using our state-of-the-art equipment. We also provide emergency cleaning and maintenance services.

Join the hundreds of other Oregon businesses in cities like Portland, Gresham, and Salem that have chosen Oregon Oils, Inc. as their oil recycling and grease cleaning service provider of choice. With our free services, you can feel good about helping the environment while earning extra money for your business. Enroll Today By Calling Us or Visiting Our Office:
2515 NW 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97210

Our Office Hours Are:

Monday–Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Visit us today to start making money and saving the environment!

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