If you run a restaurant or other commercial food establishment, it’s important to have an efficient plan to dispose of the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) you produce. Oregon Oils, serving Oregon and Southwest Washington, offers commercial grease recycling and more services to commercial food establishments to help them get rid of FOG in an environmentally friendly way. Here, our experienced team shares more information about the commercial grease recycling services we offer.

Commercial Grease Collection

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Cooking oil and grease from commercial kitchens need to be removed and disposed of in a way that’s safe and meets local regulations. Oregon Oils offers free used cooking oil and grease collection, where we’ll pay you to take your grease off your hands. We accept cooking oil from fryers, along with other types of FOG, including bacon grease, beef tallow, peanut oil, vegetable oil, and sunflower seed oil.

Oregon Oils offers an easy, streamlined process for collecting used cooking oil from commercial businesses. This process includes:

  • Setting up a schedule for oil collection that works best for you and avoids interrupting business
  • Providing each client with a clean, appropriately sized receptacle for oil collection
  • Arriving on the scheduled day, collecting the container, and providing a clean one
  • Calculating the amount of grease collected and compensating the client accordingly

If you’re interested in increasing your company’s revenue while helping the environment and keeping your business operating safely, you should establish oil collection in your business with help from Oregon Oils.

Commercial Grease Recycling Program

Oregon Oils is dedicated to offering professional used cooking oil collection services at no charge to our customers because it helps with our grease recycling program. Since 1992, we’ve been collecting FOG and recycling it to turn it into biodiesel, an eco-friendly and clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is beneficial to produce because it’s better for the environment and less toxic to workers, while also performing better and costing less.

Our grease recycling program starts with one of our team members collecting the grease and oil in our truck and transporting it to our plant. Then, the FOG is treated with alcohol using a process called transesterification to turn it into biodiesel. Our grease recycling program turns waste into an energy source, helping commercial businesses handle their grease disposal in a way that’s beneficial to the environment.

By partnering with Oregon Oils, commercial kitchens like restaurants, sports facilities, schools, malls, and more can increase their revenues and cross an important item off their to-do lists. Learn more by reading through our frequently asked questions.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

Different states have different laws about FOG, but almost all commercial kitchens are required to have a grease trap or grease interceptor to separate the FOG from the city’s sewer system. Grease traps and interceptors help kitchens run smoothly, but they need to be properly cleaned and maintained to work as intended. For Oregon Oils to collect or recycle your business’s FOG, you first need to have an efficient grease trap installed. If you don’t, Oregon Oils offers grease trap and interceptor installation services to set you up with a top-of-the-line system.

Along with installation, Oregon Oils provides grease trap cleaning and maintenance services to ensure your kitchen operates at its best. These services involve removing all waste materials and thoroughly cleaning the interior of the trap or interceptor to prevent buildup, as well as performing a detailed inspection. Without a proper grease trap or interceptor, commercial kitchens won’t be able to get their oil collected or recycled.

Contact Us Today for More Information

If your business or commercial kitchen could benefit from commercial grease recycling services, trust the experienced staff at Oregon Oils. Serving Oregon and Southwest Washington, Oregon Oils offers a range of used cooking oil and grease maintenance services to keep your business operating smoothly and within local regulations. Contact us today to learn more about how our commercial grease recycling services can benefit your business.

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