Maintenance Truck - Oregon Oils Inc.Commercial and Industrial businesses that utilize FOG materials (Fats, Oils, and Greases) as part of their business process need a reliable and dependable service to maintain their grease interceptors. Improperly cleaned grease interceptors can lead to unsightly and hazardous backflow or overflow conditions as well as represent a significant environmental liability. Consequently, it is critical to ensure that your grease interceptor cleaning service is knowledgeable and reliable and that all disposal methods are state and locally compliant.

The Recycling Advantage

Some cleaning companies utilize landfill disposal or less environmentally friendly methods, but Oregon Oils recycles used FOG materials into clean-burning biofuels, namely biodiesel. This means your business’s waste products are being put to good use in supplying a more environmentally fuel. Oregon Oil tracks how much FOG materials are captured and regular reports are forwarded to the local municipalities to help you comply with reporting requirements. Additionally, the records are kept on file for easy access by your business.

Helping to Maintain Compliance Standards

Oregon Oil’s customer-oriented approach applies beyond just cleaning out the grease interceptor system of your business. We work with you to develop the right level of service for your specific need as well as help you maintain compliance with local and state regulations. Oregon Oils grease interceptor cleaning professionals can service all types and sizes of interceptors and traps and we offer a reoccurring cleaning as well as emergency service.

Dedicated Customer Service

Oregon Oils dedicated customer approach means that we work with you to help tailor the service to your specific needs. Our professional staff is highly trained and knowledgeable and can help diagnose and resolve problems quickly. Also, Oregon Oils is a member of the Preferred Pumper Program meaning we are certified by the City of Portland Oregon to perform grease interceptor cleaning as well as other services related to used cooking oil recovery.

Waiting for a backflow or overflow condition before calling for service can present a toll on your business. Call for an appointment today and let our professional staff help get your business on the path to a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly future with our grease interceptor cleaning service.

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