Baskets of fried onion ringsAt Oregon Oils Inc. we love that people are looking for a way to save the planet. We want to buy your used cooking grease to recycle it and turn it into biodiesel. We aim to power Portland, Oregon with what was once considered waste. From grease trap cleaning to supplying a container for your used cooking grease, we have everything you need to be green while making some green.

Small Business Grease Recycling

If you are a chef, chances are you have experimented with different types of cooking oils. Peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, bacon grease and more are fantastic to cook with and add a lot of flavor, but can be terrible to dispose of. Many people store their grease until it hardens and then throw it out, but this is not safe for the environment and can affect the ground water.

At Oregon Oils Inc., we will pay to take the grease off your hands. We offer our customers free grease recycling service, free containers and safe removal of grease. Keep your clients happy with your amazing food and keep the environment healthy by teaming up with us.

Commercial Grease Recycling

For large sports arenas, malls, or commercial kitchens, grease disposal is a messy job. You need to have a partner in used cooking oil recycling that can safely manage large volumes not-so-pleasant waste. By partnering with Oregon Oils, Inc., you can increase your revenue as well as help the environment while recycling your grease.

Turning Grease into Fuel

Since 1992, we have been collecting grease to turn into biodiesel fuel. Our trucks collect the grease and transport it to our plant, where it is treated with alcohol to be transformed into biodiesel. By recycling a waste item into an energy source, we make the environment safer and keep the Portland, Oregon landscape looking beautiful.

Keeping Oregon Green with Oregon Oils, Inc.

Recycling grease offers Portland businesses big and small a way to make a positive impact on their success and the future of the planet. Save the environment and make money by contacting Oregon Oils, Inc. today.

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