Grease trap cleaningAt Oregon Oils, Inc., we’ve made it our business to help clients maintain clean, eco-friendly kitchens with our grease trap maintenance service. Along the way we’ve gained a reputation as one of the largest pumping companies in Oregon and Western Washington. Call on our experienced team, and your kitchen is one step closer to greater functionality and efficiency.

The Importance of Grease Trap Maintenance

Fat, oils, and grease – “FOG” for short – are subject to city and state regulations. Uncleaned grease traps let waste seep into the municipal water system, which isn’t good for sewer lines or your plumbing.

Dirty grease traps cause problems closer to home, too. As FOG builds up, it creates unpleasant odors that can easily make their way into public areas like your dining room. For the sake of your employees and your guests, invest in regular grease trap maintenance and make your business a healthy place to work and visit.

The Oregon Oils Grease Trap Maintenance Process

Our approach to routine grease trap maintenance starts with a thorough cleaning. Our technicians remove any trace of residual FOG, including scraping the perimeter and inside of the trap itself. Next, we’ll conduct an inspection to evaluate the condition of the trap itself, identifying any potential problems and offering up possible solutions on the spot.

Why You Need a Preferred Pumper

Government regulations regarding grease traps and interceptors can be confusing, but pumpers who register with the Preferred Pumper Program certify that they are familiar with the intricacies of those regulations. As a Registered Preferred Pumper, we can help you establish and manage an effective maintenance schedule that not only protects the local sewers but helps increase the efficacy and lifespan of your on-site equipment as well. We will also assume responsibility for mandated FOG pump-out reports and be subject to inspections that will evaluate their work on your traps and interceptors.

Get Your Kitchen in Order with Oregon Oils, Inc.

At Oregon Oils, Inc., we’re committed to prompt, professional assistance, delivering fantastic results for restaurateurs and other professionals throughout our service area. Even better, our technicians will continually ensure that your grease traps are clean, compliant, and in excellent working order. Call us today at 503-233-0818 to schedule an appointment or to discuss a new grease trap maintenance schedule – a clean, greener kitchen awaits!

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