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If you run a business or live in the Portland area, you know that clogged sewer lines can be a problem as high concentrations of fats, oils, grease and food wastes cause backups. At Oregon Oils, Inc., we can assist with a grease trap installation to help you effectively get rid of any debris that fall into the sewage system. To learn more about how a grease trap installation can help you, contact us to speak to one of our representatives.

Quality Equipment

When you contact us for a new grease trap, we can walk you through exactly what a grease trap is and how it can help your business. We choose only the most reliable brands and models for your installation to ensure excellent service and performance. Most grease traps install conveniently under wash up sinks or out of the way in a basement, so they won’t take up needed space in your kitchen or prep area. Traps may also be connected to pre-rinse sinks and combi ovens. We can also help you determine the correct size to ensure all your needs are met. Most of our machines require minimal ongoing maintenance to help keep you productive.

Assessing Your Grease Trap Installation Needs

The city of Portland imposes a fee for excessive fats, oils and grease that end up in the sewage system. We can determine the best grease trap for your business to keep waste from entering the system. This results in potentially lower disposal fees. The grease trap is also better for the environment, which is ideal for companies looking for ways to go green and to reduce their carbon footprint.

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