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Depending on your type of business, many commercial and some private kitchens require a grease trap. These useful devices collect grease to prevent an excess buildup of insoluble material in the sewage waste system. Oregon Oils, Inc., provides regular cleaning and inspection services to keep your grease trap working efficiently.

Grease Trap 101

Grease traps prevent accumulated FOG — animal fats, vegetable oils and grease — from blocking sewage lines. This kitchen by-product is insoluble in water and often cools to a solid.

Grease traps have been in use for over 100 years and were designed on the premise that grease is less dense than water. Water flows into the trap, and the FOG floats to the surface. The water outlet pipe is located at the bottom of the device to drain the “clean” water, leaving the FOG inside the trap.

Types Of Grease Traps

Your grease trap is dependent on the size, location and structure of your business. Smaller models fit under sinks, while large restaurants may have huge cement tanks underneath the kitchen floor. They may be constructed from concrete, steel or fiberglass and may operate through gravity or a combination of electrical and mechanical processes.

Why Do I Need One?

State and local regulations require the use of grease traps for certain business and private enterprises. In addition, properly maintained grease traps reduce kitchen odors and prevent wall and floor damage caused by sewage backups.

Grease Traps Are Environmentally Friendly

They supply cleaner water to the sewage disposal plant, which helps save energy, and the collected FOG can be used to create a biofuel.

How To Improve Your Grease Trap Operation

  • Maintain the appropriate wastewater temperature per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Reduce the amount of FOG entering the trap by discarding cooking oils and scraping plates before washing.
  • Perform regular maintenance, cleaning and inspection on your trap.

Use Only A Registered, Preferred Pumper

At Oregon Oils, Inc., our technicians are knowledgeable on all local and state regulations. We complete all the required FOG pump-out forms for you and can set up a regular maintenance schedule to ease your mind.

Call Oregon Oils, Inc., today at 503-233-0818 to ensure your kitchen is eco-friendly and compliant with all mandates.

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