With nearly 200,000 fast-food restaurants and thousands of other social establishments in the United States, proper oil disposal is a waste-management problem. Recklessly disposing of used oil is a big threat to the environment. The waste oil or grease will suffocate the ecosystem and compromise the aesthetic value of the environment. Furthermore, used oil is sometimes drained down kitchen drains or gutters, which can cause clogs, sewer-line blockages and contamination of groundwater. Proper management and recycling of used oil has been overdue, and Oregon Oils Inc. is helping to change the narrative one pound of grease at a time. As an oil recycling and management company, Oregon Oils’ main objective is to recycle the otherwise useless oil and convert it into a form that can be helpful. The company prides itself in collecting, distilling and recycling used oil to turn it into biodiesel fuel. Various industries can use the biodiesel fuel, which eases the strain on available oil deposits and indirectly helps the environment. In addition to being environmentally friendly, used-oil recycling has positive economic implications. Restaurants and other customers can make a solid income by selling their used oil to Oregon Oils. What’s better than earning money while conserving the environment? Restaurants, sports arenas, schools, retirement facilities, food chains and malls looking to put their used cooking oil and grease to better use and earn something from it should look no further than Oregon Oils. Call us today, and we gladly will provide more information on the process. In addition to buying and recycling used oil, Oregon Oils offers grease-maintenance services, grease-trap cleaning, grease-interceptor services and catch-basin cleaning services. If you need any of the above-mentioned services or any other oil-related service in Oregon, don’t hesitate to give Oregon Oils Inc. a call today for help. Hire Oregon Oil to manage your used oil and grease for a cleaner and greener future and earn solid returns from it.

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