Cooking oil bottle and recyclables containerWhen used cooking oil disposal is part of your establishment’s waste management responsibilities, it’s important to choose a safe, efficient way to do it. Oregon Oils in Portland, Oregon, is the area’s leading oil recycling and waste oil management company. We collect and recycle used cooking oil by distilling and converting it into biodiesel fuel, and your business reaps the benefits.

Responsible Used Oil Disposal

Commercial establishments that improperly dispose of used cooking oil or grease threaten the environment and could face serious and costly health code violations. Partnering with Oregon Oils for responsible used oil recycling benefits your business financially, prevents clogged drains and is an environmentally friendly practice that’s good for your public image.

Easy Waste Oil Management

Our used cooking oil collection is a free service that includes maintenance. We work with you to determine the appropriate size cooking oil receptacle and pickup frequency your business needs based on the amount of used oil you produce. We offer a wide range of oil receptacles to meet the needs of businesses of varying sizes and help you choose a collection time that’s convenient for you and your business. Once we set up your receptacle, you dump your waste oil into it, and we come by for collection based on your established schedule. We make every attempt to keep oil containers as clean as possible and switch out lids and containers should they become too dirty.

Save Money And Get Paid

Businesses in Portland and select cities across Oregon and western Washington benefit from partnering with Oregon Oils. Our collection program not only reduces your waste oil disposal fees, but we also pay you for the oil we collect. Our expert technicians pump the used oil from your receptacle into our state-of-the art vacuum trucks, which record the amount of oil collected. At the close of each quarter, we send you a check for the total amount of oil we picked up over the previous collection period.

Your Trusted Oil Recycling Company

Our goal at Oregon Oil is to provide our customers with the most reliable waste oil management program available. You can rely on us to collect your cooking oil quickly and efficiently and to repurpose otherwise useless oil into clean-burning, eco-friendly biodiesel. Contact us at 503-233-0818 to discuss the many benefits of our used oil recycling program or set up your establishment with an appropriate waste oil management schedule today.

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