Deep Fryers in a restaurantRecklessly disposing of your used commercial cooking oil or grease threatens the environment and could turn into a serious health code violation. On the other hand, recycling your used cooking oil provides economic and environmental benefits to your business. Oregon Oils in Portland is a used oil recycling and management company. Our primary objective is to collect, distill and recycle otherwise useless oil and convert it into biodiesel fuel. Besides being environmentally friendly, recycling your oil with us offers financial incentives.

Prevent Clogged Drains

Some restaurants improperly dispose of their used oil by pouring it down the drain. This often results in clogged drains, sewer-line blockage and even contamination of groundwater. Businesses spend tons of money unclogging their drainage systems annually due to improper grease disposal. Clogged drains and sewer pipes could cause an overflow of foul-smelling, unsanitary water in or around your business.

Protect The Environment

Keeping your waste oil out of landfills and groundwater helps sustain a healthier ecosystem. When converted to biodiesel, used oil recycling helps the environment. Biodiesel is a clean-burning, green fuel alternative. Traditional fossil fuels depend heavily on nonrenewable resources and are known to emit harmful chemicals that increase greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiesel is produced using renewable sources for increased sustainability and offers a substantial reduction in emissions. Recycling your used oil also gives you an eco-friendly image that could be very good for your business.

Earn Money

Recycling your used cooking oil not only reduces your waste disposal fees, we’ll also pay you for it. Instead of costing your business money, recycling your oil will actually earn money, which helps your bottom line. Businesses who currently get rid of their oil down the drain will also likely save money by not having to call a plumber to unclog their drains.

How Our Used Oil Recycling Program Works

There is no charge for our used cooking oil collection service. It’s FREE, and we pay you for your oil based on the amount your establishment produces. We provide you with a clean receptacle for oil collection and add your establishment to our collection route with an appropriate pickup frequency. We recycle all types of cooking oils, greases and fats but don’t accept motor or appliance oils, and we service select cities in Oregon and Western Washington.

Contact us at 503-233-0818 to learn more about the benefits of used oil recycling or schedule service today.

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