Bottle of oil and recycle canConverting used cooking oil to biodiesel offers a variety of businesses a way to safely dispose of otherwise useless waste while earning money and helping protect the environment. Oregon Oils in Portland, Oregon, is an oil recycling and management company that collects, distills and recycles used oil into biodiesel fuel. To accomplish this, our oil recycling program establishes maintenance routes with a variety of businesses that can provide the used oil we need.

What Oils We Recycle

We primarily collect used cooking oil from fryers, but we also recycle other types of fats, oils and greases. Referred to as FOGs, these include anything considered a by-product of food preparation, such as:

  • Melted Fat From Cooking meat
  • Bacon Grease
  • Beef Tallow
  • Peanut Oil
  • Sunflower Seed oil
  • Vegetable Oil

We recycle all types of FOGs, but we don’t accept motor oil or appliance oil. If your company produces FOGs, you might be able to recycle it for a profit.

Is Your Company Eligible?

Fast-food restaurants are a major producer of used cooking oil and grease, but many other types of business can qualify for recycling. We serve all businesses that have a kitchen with a fryer or used cooking oil and grease, especially in large quantities. Companies that may be eligible for recycling cooking oil include:

  • Restaurants Of All Types
  • Food Carts
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Sports Arenas
  • Schools
  • Retirement Homes
  • Malls

From small mom-and-pop diners to large sports arenas and everything in between, if your company is interested in earning extra cash and going green by participating in our oil recycling program, speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to see if you qualify.

Recycle With Oregon Oils

Oregon Oils has established itself as the premier used cooking oil recycling company that Portland area business owners trust for reliable service and fair prices for the products. We set you up with a clean oil receptacle to collect your used cooking oil and grease. We then add you to our collection route with an appropriate pickup frequency based on your waste output. Our oil recycling service is offered free of charge to businesses in select cities across Oregon and western Washington. Contact us at 503-233-0818503-233-0818 to discuss your recycling needs today.

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