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In the United States, there are nearly 200,000 fast-food restaurants alone, with countless other bistros, cafeterias, sports arenas, grocery stores, and more. All of these establishments are producing used cooking oil at alarming rates, and proper management is a challenge. At Oregon Oils, we offer used cooking oil recycling services to businesses across the Portland, Oregon, metro area and throughout Washington state. We’re doing our best to change the narrative, one pound of grease at a time.

Benefits of Used Cooking Oil Recycling


Cooking oil might not seem dangerous, but reckless disposal can be more of a threat than you may realize. Every cup of oil poured down the drain can come with far-reaching consequences for your local infrastructure and environment. Recycling oil doesn’t just avoid these outcomes – it’s a boost to the economy as well. Benefitting the following areas, it’s a win for everyone:


When oil is poured down the drain, it immediately starts to congeal into a hard, fatty lump. These grease lumps are sticky enough to cling to walls, collect debris, and grow. Eventually, the clumps of grease and debris will clog pipes and sewers. They destroy infrastructure, cause backwashes and floods, and increase repair bills for businesses and cities.


Clogged sewers lead to massive backwashes and floods. When this happens, the floods don’t only affect your business. They also spill large amounts of waste oil, debris, and toxic sewage into the ecosystem, suffocating ecosystems, compromising nature’s beauty, and poisoning plants and animals alike.


By recycling your used oil with a company like Oregon Oils, you do more than avoid infrastructure damage and environmental consequences. There are economic benefits, too. You can contribute to a growing biodiesel industry that creates jobs and resources that anyone can benefit from. Even better, you might even make some extra income by selling your leftover oil.

Our Process


If you run a restaurant, food manufacturing plant, arena, school, or other eligible company, you can get started today with Oregon Oils. We recycle all types of cooking oil, grease, and fat for free and convert them into high-quality, clean-burning biodiesel, an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum diesel. This is our process:

  • 1. We’ll provide you with a clean receptacle for oil collection and set up a schedule with a pickup frequency that’s appropriate for your grease output.
  • 2. Our technicians will arrive promptly and on schedule to empty your oil receptacle into our transport trucks. The trucks keep track of how much grease is collected at each location.
  • 3. You’ll be compensated for your oil based on how much we collect from you.

Choose Oregon Oils


Disposing of your waste cooking oil is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. At Oregon Oils, we serve the Portland area and businesses throughout Portland, Oregon, and Washington with free used cooking oil recycling services. To learn more about used cooking oil recycling, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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